Shyla Reddy, MD

Family Medicine & Geriatric Care located in Alpharetta, GA

About Dr. Reddy

dr reddy

Shyla Reddy, MD, is a primary care physician with more than 15 years of experience. She is board certified in Family Medicine and served as Clinical Faculty at a university setting, teaching medical students and supervising resident physicians. She completed a Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology from Emory University. She is also board certified in Geriatric Medicine.

Dr. Reddy is a passionate and dedicated primary care physician working in Alpharetta, GA. She centers her practice on providing comprehensive and continuous primary care, emphasizing disease prevention; health education and individualized treatment, while helping her patients learn healthy behaviors and improving their ability to manage their health.

She provides a range of services including health-risk assessments, screening tests, gynecologic care, family planning, evaluation and management of acute and chronic medical conditions.

She specializes in helping elderly patients dealing with chronic complex medical problems, dementia, frailty, falls, etc…. Her goal is to help older adult’s live healthy, productive lives and strive to enable their autonomy and improve their quality of life, addressing the needs of the whole person.

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