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At Alpha Family Medicine Inc., you can find quality medical care from a team of experienced doctors dedicated to serving the community of Alpharetta, Georgia. Led by an esteemed local physician and former medical school assistant professor Shyla Reddy, MD, the team of doctors at Alpha Family Medicine Inc., offers a wide range of primary care options for men and women of any age, especially senior citizens. The patient is always a top priority at Alpha Family Medicine Inc., and the medical team and staff strive to keep wait times down, ensure easy scheduling and guarantee you plenty of one-on-one time with your doctor for any questions or concerns you have. The less time you spend jumping through hoops, the more you can focus on a quick and effective healing process. Some of the most common services provided by Alpha Family Medicine Inc. include services for the elderly, including treatment for osteoporosis, arthritis, early diagnosis and treatment of dementia, and other conditions that become more likely with age. Alpha Family Medicine Inc., can offer you or your family member the best geriatric care at their conveniently located office. Dr. Reddy and the team at Alpha Family Medicine Inc. are always taking new patients, so make an appointment online today, or call the practice for more information.


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    "Dr. Reddy and her team are fantastic. The communication and empathy in her office is the way that every physician's office should be."

    Susan N.
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